Dating felons

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Dating felons

Corporations who do not hire ex-felons based on their criminal records only, in my opinion should not be supported by the ex-felons or their families.In some recent research in which I surveyed 100 of the largest corporations in Texas, many of the HR Departments responded to the questions of Do your corporation hire ex-felons by saying that each decision is made on a case by case basis. In my book “Why Are So Many Black Folks In Jail”, I constantly remind readers that if corporations refuse to hire qualified ex-felons solely based on the fact that they committed a crime in their past not taking into account that they have paid their debt to society, then “if they don’t hire we don’t buy”.In America ex-felons carry the stigma of being convicted for life.A conviction is like the metaphorical scarlet letter.Unfortunately it is not because of the reasons that we would think.Ex-felons are treated different now because of the economy.

We have programs in every state that offers assistance to ex-felons being released from prison, yet, every time ex-felons complete applications for employment, they are constantly reminded that some things never change.However, there are states such as Louisiana who allow ex-felons to run for public office after being released from probation or parole for fifteen years.Ex-felons have a much lower rate of recidivating when they are released to stable living environment and caring families.Ex-felons can decide the outcome of many local, state and national elections.Just like gays, women and African Americans united and wielded their power at the voting booth; ex-felons in the not too distant future will resolve to use their power also.

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When people see you they see your conviction because many folks in America will never let you forget that you committed a crime.

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